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Cliff Claven Sr appears in Season 4 Episode 10 'The Barstoolie'

Cliff Claven Sr calls Cheers looking for Cliff Jr. Cliff Jr takes the phone call thinking it was someone on his mail route looking for a date. When Cliff Jr realizes its his father, he tells his dad that he is not welcome to call again and hangs up. Later in the show, Cliff Sr enters Cheers looking for Cliff Jr. Cliff Sr meets Sam and Norm. He says he has no idea what his son looks like and asks if Cliff Jr is there. Sam tells Cliff Sr that his son is away and might not return for some time. Sam then asks if there is a message he can give Cliff Jr when he comes back. Cliff Sr says he has a message but it is too personal and best given in person. He then says he will wait at the bar to see if Cliff Jr comes into Cheers today. Cliff Jr sits by his father at the bar and asks for the sports section. When Cliff Sr says he can't wait any longer and is leaving, Cliff Jr, at the urging of Sam and Norm, stops his father at the door and reveals who he is.

After a rocky start, the two then spend the day together. They catch the first quarter of a Celtics game along with other activites before returning to Cheers. While there, Cliff Sr says he must go in order to rest before catching a flight out and asks his son to leave with him that night to fly to Austrailia. Flabbergasted, Cliff Jr asks what his father expects him to do for a job in Austrailia and what the hurry is? His father confides in Cliff Jr that he must leave because the law is after him for real estate fraud and that he made a lot of 'dough' so Cliff Jr wouldn't need to get a job.

Cliff turns the offer down and asks what makes his father think that he won't turn his father in? His dad says he knows that Cliff Jr won't turn him in because they are family. Afterwards, his father says he needs to use the rest room. Cliff rushes to the bar and makes a call to information requesting that the operator connect him with Federal Authorites. When the operator asks which federal authorities, Cliff Jr replies 'The Federal Authorities for Bad Daddies!' before hanging up. After talking with Norm and Carla, Cliff Jr decides to give his father a good bye hug in the Mens Bathroom. When Cliff comes out, he is holding his fathers hat and says that his father is gone. When asked what happened, Cliff says his dad slipped out the bathroom window.

Cliff Claven Sr is played by Dick O'Neil

In the episode 'Look Before You Sleep', Cliff Claven Sr is mentioned during Esther Clavin's prayers, who reveals he's passed away and that Esther believes he's "roasting in hell, on a spit reserved for those who desert their families".