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Sam suffers a hernia while trying to prove to Woody and everyone around the bar that he's not getting too old.


Recurring / Guest stars:

  • Deborah Dalton as Nurse Louise
  • Thomas Callaway as Jack Turner
  • Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff as Bonnie
  • Tim Dunigan as Dr. Steve McDonough
  • Christine Dickinson as Joan
  • Lisa Vice as Judy Turner
  • Jere' Fields as Nurse Brenda
  • Peter Neushul as 139th Street Quartet Britone
  • Larry Wright as 139th Street Quartet 2nd Tenor
  • Douglas Anderson as 139th Street Quartet 1st Tenor
  • James Klein as 139th Street Quartet Bass
  • Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane
  • Thomas Babson as Tom (uncredited)
  • Philip Perlman as Phil (uncredited)
  • Al Rosen as Al (uncredited)