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Dave Richards

Dave Richards

Former ballplayer, TV personality
4 (Seasons 1-6)
First appearance
Last appearance
'I' on Sports
Played by
Fred Dryer

Dave was a buddy of Sam's. They played baseball together and shared many memories of life on the road. Dave was a personification of Sam's playboy side - Dave had the same slick but transparent pickup lines, and had a showy personality, often dressed in a loud plaid blazer. He had a bumper sticker on his car that read, "Honk if you're horny".

Dave was popular with everyone at Cheers save Diane alone. He flirted with her just as he would any attractive woman, but never got anywhere. He was unfazed at the rejections though. Dave was actually married at the start of the series, but he and his wife split by the second season - apparently not amicably, as he revealed that they had "exchanged gunfire".

When Dave showed up at Cheers, he was usually seeking a favor from Sam, and he was not above using his buddy for his own gain. In "Sam at Eleven", Dave showed up to interview Sam for his show - but apparently only because he could find no one better. In "Old Flames" he sought to break Sam and Diane up, simply because he had just lost his wife and wanted his old friend to pal around with. And in " 'I' on Sports", Dave wanted Sam to fill in for him on his show. Sam let his friendship blind him to Dave's more negative qualities.


S1E4-Sam at Eleven

S2E7-Old Flames

S4E8-Love Thy Neighbor

S6E2-"I" on Sports