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Death Takes A Holiday On Ice is the 7th episode of Season 8 on the NBC series Cheers.


Carla learns that Eddie led a secret life when a second widow shows up at his funeral.


  • Rhea Perlman is supposed to have been listening to an LA radio show hosted by Jay Thomas, who played the Eddie LeBec character. Thomas, who had kept his alternate job as a DJ, made several unflattering remarks about Perlman and having to kiss her during an on-air call. This episode, killing off the Eddie LeBec character, was Perlman's revenge.
  • Kevin Conroy and Kelsey Grammer were classmates at Julliard.
  • Ken Levine & David Isaacs received an Emmy nomination for Best Writing in a Comedy Series for this episode.
  • The song being played by the organist at Eddie's funeral is the Canadian national anthem. Earlier in the series, it was revealed that Eddie was Canadian.