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Diane Meets Mom is the eighth episode of season three of the NBC series Cheers.


Diane is set to meet Frasier's mom for dinner, but she turns out to be more than Diane can handle. Meanwhile, Norm celebrates his birthday.


  • [Shelley Long] as [Diane Chambers]
  • [Ted Danson] as [Sam Malone]
  • [Nicholas Colasanto] as ["Coach" Ernie Pantusso]
  • [Rhea Perlman] as [Carla Tortelli]
  • [John Ratzenberger] as [Cliff Clavin]
  • [George Wendt] as [Norm Peterson]

Recurring / Guest stars:


  • This is the only episode in the Cheers/Frasier universe where Hester Crane appears alive. Based on the information later revealed on Frasier, Hester passes away three years after the events of this episode.
  • Based on the date that this episode was released on, it was probably filmed on or about George Wendt's actual birthday. He was 36 years old (just like in the episode) on Oct. 17, 1984. Around the time they might have been filming this episode, which originally aired on Nov. 22, 1984.
  • In this episode, Hester Crane is played by Nancy Marchand. However, on Frasier, she is portrayed by Rita Wilson.
  • Hester's prediction about Frasier and Diane's relationship being a disaster ultimately turns out to be true when it is revealed that Diane left Frasier at the altar in the season four premiere.