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Do Not Forsake O' My Postman is the fifth episode of season eleven on the NBC series Cheers.


Maggie returns to Cheers and Cliffie, this time claiming she's carrying his baby. Rebecca hires a hack songwriter (John Mahoney) to create a jingle for the bar.


  • John Mahoney has a guest role as pianist/jingle-writer Sy Flembeck in this episode and he even has an exchange with Frasier Crane. Soon after, Mahoney and Kelsey Grammer were reunited as father and son on the spin-off Frasier as Mahoney would be cast in the role of Martin Crane.
  • On the wall in the hallway near the men's bathroom is a copy of a 1910's Chimes at Twilight Sheet music folder cover.
  • The title is from the song Do Not Forsake O' My Darling which was the theme song of the 1952 movie High Noon.
  • There is a partial look at the "fourth wall" of Cheers during Sy Flembeck's jingle for Fred's Tuneups.
  • In this story, John Mahoney plays a jingle writer hired by Rebecca to compose an advertising ditty to promote the bar. In Frasier, a similar storyline is used in the episode They're Playing Our Song, in which Frasier attempts to write a new opening theme for his radio show only for his father to come up with a pair of infinitely better examples.