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"Big Ed" Kellner

Big Ed

Appeared in
Played by
Ron Kerabotsos

Big Ed stopped in at Cheers after a baseball game, where his beloved New York Yankees defeated the Red Sox. He razzed the bar over their allegiance to the Sox, and didn't seem to care that he was the only one who found himself funny.

Ed recognized Sam as a former Red Sox player, and tried to buy him a beer to make peace. Learning that Sam doesn't drink, Ed remembered that Sam drank himself out of baseball, and started razzing him for that. Carla, her ire provoked, attacked Ed and banged his head against the bar rail several times before being pulled off of him.

Ed threatened to sue Sam and the bar unless Carla was fired. This worried Sam, and at Diane's suggestion he pushed Carla into anger management counseling. After a short period, Sam invited Ed back to try to talk the issue out, and when Ed returns and spots Carla, he repeats his threat. Sam and the gang try to talk him out of it, and Ed, testing the progress Carla has made, rips on Boston, the Red Sox, and finally the Boston Bruins. Carla remains unfazed, and Ed drops his threats, saying that working at Cheers is punishment enough for anyone.

Unfortunately for Ed, a member of the Bruins overheard his rant and met him at the door, offering to walk him to his car. Neither Kellner nor the bruin are ever seen again in the series.