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Dr. Frasier Winslow Crane, M.D., Ph.D., is one of the primary customers who attends Cheers starting in season three, portrayed by Kelsey Grammer.


Frasier is a psychiatrist for a living. He is a father to Frederick Crane. Frasier originally started attending Cheers as Sam's psychiatrist and Diane's boyfriend. Originally from Seattle, he was divorced from his first wife, Nanette Guzman, before relocating to Boston.

Series arc[]

He would eventually become engaged to Diane Chambers at the end of season three, but she would leave him at the altar. He then would go onto marry Lilith Sternin, a fellow psychiatrist. Frasier and Lilith had a son, Frederick. They separated in the last season, due to Lilith's affair, but reconciled. They divorced shortly after the end of Cheers. He then moved back to his hometown of Seattle and became a radio psychiatrist.


S3E5-Sam Turns the Other Cheek

S3E6-Coach in Love, Part 1

S3E7-Coach in Love, Part 2

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Appearances outside of Cheers[]

Mickey's 60th Birthday (1988)

The Magical World of Disney:S34E15-Disneyland's 35th Anniversary Celebration (1990)

The Earth Day Special (1990)

Wings:S3E16-Planes, Trains, and Visiting Cranes (1992)

Frasier (1993-2004)

Frasier: Revival (Coming Soon)


  • Frasier claimed that his father was a deceased research scientist. On the spinoff show it was revealed that he had lied, owing to a fight he and his father had just had.
  • Frasier's mother, Hester Crane, made one appearance on the show before her character died offscreen.
  • In two separate episodes Frasier has either a dog or a cat. However in his spinoff show, he hates dogs and is allergic to cats.
  • For additional info on Frasier's post-Cheers adventures, please see Frasier's article on the Frasier Wiki.