H.W. Sawyer

H.W. Sawyer

Head of accounting firm
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H.W. (Herb) Sawyer is Norm's boss for part of Season 1. It is assumed that he took over from Mr. Stabell for unknown reasons. Norm looks for opportunities to kiss up to him, believing it will get him ahead at work. Norm offered to throw the company party, and used Cheers as the location. One of Norm's duties was to find an escort for Mr. Sawyer, and as a last-minute choice, he settles on Diane.

Diane agrees after seeing Sawyer, because she finds him attractive. Because Sawyer is Harvard educated and interested in culture (he says he's always wanted to be a painter), Diane takes a like to him. Sawyer does not take long to take a keen interest in Diane as well. He asks her to go back to the pool room to shoot a game, and uses the opportunity to force himself on her. When Norm, seeing Diane is uncomfortable, decides to pull him off her, Sawyer leaves the bar, but not before firing Norm.

Sawyer is evidently not popular among his employees; they avoid him at the party, and rally around Norm after they find out Norm pushed him away in the pool room.