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Harry Gittes is a recurring character on Cheers. He is played by the late Harry Anderson.


At 6'4", thin, and lanky during the first two seasons, Harry was well dressed in a suit and suspenders, glasses, and known for his trademark fedora hat.

Harry should not be confused with any of Cheers's regular Barflies, although well-known at Cheers, he was never entirely welcome. Harry often attempts to swindle its customers and employees with various short cons, usually trying to make a quick buck or bum a free drink, but occasionally he lifted wallets or watches. Sam has standing orders to have Harry thrown out of the bar on sight, yet Harry has helped the gang at Cheers on occasion, partly out of sentiment, and partly to protect the Cheers bunch from operators even more pernicious than he. As Harry notes, "I don't like the idea of someone else plucking my pigeons."

Harry appeared four times in the series’ first and second seasons, In "Pick a Con... Any Con", Sam bails Harry out of jail, in exchange for Harry's help when Coach is hustled out of $8000.

After which he disappeared until season six's A Kiss Is Still a Kiss. In his season 6, cold-opening cameo, Harry casually explained his long absence "two to ten, with time off for good behavior". The real reason was that actor-magician Harry Anderson had achieved fame in his own right by starring in his own series Night Court, which followed Cheers on NBC's Thursday night Must See TV line up.

In "Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey", Harry helps Cheers get their final 'revenge' on Gary's Old Town Tavern.


  1. Sam at Eleven (S01.04 - 21 October 1982)
  2. The Boys in the Bar (S01.16 - 27 January 1983)
  3. Pick a Con... Any Con (S01.19 - 24 February 1983)
  4. How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Call You Back (S02.10 - 8 December 1983)
  5. A Kiss Is Still a Kiss (S06.10 - 3 December 1987)
  6. Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey (S11.19 - 18 March 1993) -- the end of the Bar Wars

Appearances outside of Cheers[]

D.C. Follies: S2E13-Nixon Hawks the Watergate Tapes for $29.99 (1988)