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Henrí is a an immigrant from France whom Kelly Gaines became acquainted with during her year abroad in Europe.


While in Paris he took scandalous photographs of Kelly who then sent them to Woody Boyd. He comes to Boston with Kelly and repeatedly "jokes" about stealing Kelly away from Woody, though in reality he had plotted to marry her and dump her after acquiring her vast fortunes. Sam Malone often admired Henrí for his cunning skills at scoring with the ladies and saw a younger version of himself in him.

Henrí was portrayed by American actor Anthony Cistaro, and appeared 5 episodes of the last three seasons of Cheers.


S9E12-Woody Interruptus

S9E20-It's a Wonderful Wife

S9E25-Home Malone

S10E10-A Fine French Whine

S11E4-The Magnificent Six