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House of Horrors with Formal Dining and Used Brick is the 5th episode of Season 5 of Cheers, and thus the series 100th overall episode. This episode was written by David Angell, and directed by James Burrows. This episode first aired on NBC in the United States on October 30, 1986, marking the 100th episode of Cheers, a major milestone in sitcom history.


In the show's 100th episode during the cold open, Carla is having difficulty finding a new place to live. Sam continues to see other women, and Diane believes she punishes her for proposal. She criticized his choice as a brainless nut, and Sam realizes Diane to call off the date.

After the credits, Cliff finds a house for Carla on his route, and she goes see it. Carla believes that the house is perfect for her, and reveals she bought it on the spot. Norm investigates on his own to discover Carla's new house built over a graveyard of the prison. Local legends state that murderers buried there one day to seek the house's occupants as they fear Carla to buy due to her nature. Diane is happy and doesn't want to ruin, which ends up telling her that Carla is not bothered by her new house's location.

After the commercial break, Carla is bothered by the knowledge to reveal that several weeks not yet moved in, which is afraid what might have happened. Diane spends the night to overcomer her fears, and Carla decides to do so. Meanwhile, Cliff and Norm arrive to keep her company, they are spooked by the place, but Cliff feels guilty about Carla being there to stay for the night. Norm is having a phone conversation with Vera, leaving Carla and Cliff alone. They sit down to have a conversation, Carla resents that she is frightened by the house, but Cliff feels guilty about Carla being there to stay for the night.

The pre-credits scene at the end shows Norm leaving at the opportunity during a phone conversation with Vera, which admits his fear. This leaves Carla and Cliff alone to sit down. At first, she wants him to leave, but begrudgingly asks him to end up falling asleep on the floor until the next morning. The episode ends as Cliff was frightened by the sound of a passing airplane, as the street is located near the airport, which does not bother Carla. So ends our 100th day at Cheers.