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I'm Getting My Act Together and Sticking It in Your Face is the seventeenth episode of the ninth season of the NBC series Cheers.


Two days after the aborted wedding, Rebecca is still locked in Cheers' office. She leaves town but later returns. When she does, Sam thinks she's coming back to say she loves him.


  • While reading from A Tale Of Two Cities, Frasier makes reference to the Stephen King novel IT. "...and there was a bloodthirsty clown who beckoned innocent children into the sewer..."
  • By accident, Sam curses to himself while leaving a message for Rebecca. This was an oversight by the Network.
  • The title is a common expression from the entertainment profession: I'm getting my act together and taking it on the road.
  • When Frasier announces that the next book he will read to the regulars is "David Copperfield," he is asked what it's about. After some hesitation, he lies to the gang that it's about two cops, in a field, who are brutally murdered. Ted Danson's first film role was as Detective Ian Campbell in "The Onion Field," a true story of two cops who were kidnapped and taken to a deserted field, where Campbell is executed.
  • Sam told Rebecca that she had worked at Cheers for five years. Assuming that the broadcast dates for episodes correspond with real-world dates, Rebecca had worked at Cheers a maximum of three years, nine months.
  • Rebecca supposedly uses Woody's credit card for her airplane ticket, the phone call from the airplane, and claims she'll use it to buy a new wardrobe. Yet, just a few episodes earlier, in Norm and Cliff's Excellent Adventure, Woody maxed out his credit cards on the home shopping channel.
  • When Leon punches Sam, he has a bloody nose and a black eye, this references both the c+ scene and the fight scene from the 1983 film A Christmas Story.