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It's Lonely on the Top is the twenty-second episode of the eleventh season of the NBC series Cheers.


After sleeping with Paul, Carla can't come to grips with what she has done. In an effort to console his best friend, Sam lets her in on a shameful secret of his own...


  • When Sam Malone removed his hairpiece, Rhea Perlman was genuinely shocked. In the original script, Sam was supposed to tell Carla that he wears a hairpiece, not show her. Although Rhea was obviously aware of Ted Danson's hair situation, she and the cast/crew were none the wiser that he was going to improvise.
  • Then-NBC President Brandon Tartikoff is sitting at the bar as an extra.
  • Sam's revelation to Carla about his hair mirrors reality as Ted Danson had actually started wearing a hair piece several years earlier. This was made public in 1990 when Danson accepted his Emmy Award without the piece.