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Jackie Bisset

Jackie Bissett

Green Bank, West Virginia
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Jacqueline Bisset was a one-time visitor to Cheers, and almost became Sam's wife.

The Cheers gang found Jackie out of Cliff's collection of phone books, in a desperate attempt to save Sam's bar. Sam, on a night of drinking with Eddie Gordon, had promised, and even wrote and signed to the effect, that he would marry Jacqueline Bisset or give up his bar. Unbeknownst to him, Gordon had saved the paper and came to collect on the bar.

Rather than fight Gordon in court, where Sam would have to publicly admit he was a drunk, the gang finds a loophole in the bet. Although Sam had meant the famous actress, the paper did not indicate it had to be that Jacqueline Bisset. The gang decided to find someone else by that name who would be willing to help Sam. Cliff finds a man in West Virginia whose daughter has that name, and he tells her she has won a trip to Boston. Jackie comes, and Cliff explains the problem on the way to Cheers. Jackie is flattered by the trip and attention, and finds Sam attractive, but is very hesitant to marry someone she does not know, and initially turns down the offer.

Sam keeps leaning on Jackie, and eventually she says yes. Jackie excuses herself to call her father back home and break the news to him. When Gordon returns to Cheers, he finds Sam ready to marry Jackie. Gordon calls off the bet and leaves, leaving Sam to try to find a way to let down an excited Jackie. Diane suspects Jackie will not take the news well, and thinks Jackie has fallen for Sam, but Jackie is actually relieved. Diane has to swallow her own pride when she discovers Jackie finds Sam shallow.and empty-headed, and openly wonders what sort of woman would date Sam.