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Kelly Boyd (née Gaines) is a wealthy Lutheran woman and a supporting character on Cheers. She is portrayed by Jackie Swanson.


She's the main love interest of Woody Boyd; being just as naive as him.

Kelly first appears in Golden Boyd, when she returns from Europe to attend a private party that Woody and Sam Malone are bar tending at. Despite being portrayed as mostly sheltered, Woody opens her eyes to new experiences. In The Gift of the Woodi, Woody writes her a memorable song (called the "Kelly song") rather than buying her an expensive gift.

The two date during a large course of the series, and eventually marry in May 1992. Their wedding, however, ends up becoming a fiasco. First, the minister dies; Kelly's flirtatious cousin Monika teases Sam until her fanatically-jealous husband brandishes a sword; Rebecca's petulance causes the French chef to quit, leaving her in charge of the food; Carla keeps getting pushed down the shaft in the dumbwaiter; Woody cannot keep his hands (and other things) off Kelly before the ceremony; and two attack dogs (cf. "The Lads" on Magnum, P.I.) menace everyone who dared exit the kitchen to the patio, until an infuriated Carla chases them inside, at which time they whimper like puppies and scamper away. To top it off, the dead body of the minister tips over and topples the wedding cake to the floor. Despite this (and the objections of Kelly's father), the wedding goes ahead.

Kelly is pregnant at the end of the series. In the spin-off Frasier, Sam Malone reveals that Woody & Kelly's child was a boy of normal intelligence. When Woody visits Frasier in Seattle in 1999, it is revealed that the couple have also had a daughter.