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Lillian, originally called Drox Chemical, Die, and Munitions, is the restaurant chain corporation that bought Cheers from Sam Malone after his aborted wedding to Diane Chambers. They made Rebecca Howe the manager of Cheers.

Robin Colcord eventually used Rebecca's computer to attempt a hostile take over of Lillian to give it to Rebecca as a gift. In order to keep Rebecca from getting arrested for insider trading, Sam told them about Colcord's intent, with the evidence he shredded. Colcord was arrested. To repay Sam for giving them Colcord, they sold Cheers back to Sam for $1. He didn't quite get enough money, but they took it anyway. Shortly after that, Lillian fired Rebecca for the last time.


Evan Drake[]

Evan Drake is Rebecca's boss for Season 6. She unsuccessfully tries to date him, which results in her getting fired all the time. He hired Norm to paint his house which Rebecca stowed along. He became ill on his trip and needed to return early. Norm and friends created a diversion for Rebecca to leave his house unnoticed. While Evan considered Norm to be a nuisance, they were successful in rescuing Rebecca. Evan got a new job in Japan in Season 7. He is portrayed by Tom Skerritt.

Daniel Collier[]

Rebecca frequently is assigned Catering and Bartending jobs at Lillian. Daniel Collier is one of the men that she worked for. Woody and Rebecca end up destroying one of his large, valuable vases. Woody took sole responsibility for it, and was not punished. Collier is portrayed by Peter Hansen.

Greg Stone[]

Greg Stone filled in for Evan Drake as Sam's and Rebecca's supervisor. His decisions were the harshest for them yet. Unsatisfied with Rebecca's performance, he talks to Sam. When Sam fails to timely send in the paperwork via Lillian's Computer Network, he suggests to Greg that Rebecca is much better qualified now. However, Stone is concerned that Rebecca never got the proper experience with Taverns, and tells them she is required to report to Carla for training as a Waitress, and to return to school to get a Masters Of Business Administration. Rebecca also had a pay deduction in order to cover the Tuition. Rebecca was unable to oppose these terms as she had expected a grand promotion, and is stuck with car payments on a Mercedes - Benz. He is portrayed by Brian Bedford.

Martin Teal[]

It is later revealed that Martin Teal became Cheers Supervisor instead. He decides to extend Mr. Stone's decisions by deciding to date Rebecca lest she get fired. This is one of the times that Rebecca does not want to date her bosses. Even worse, she is unaware when she met her new boss for the first time. Misunderstanding his short, youthful build as a greedy young man, she practically threw water in his face. Later, she is upset when she learns that Mr. Teal is their new boss. It seems he took Rebecca's rejection as a challenge; He continues to try to make her comfortable because he is in love with her. He decides to reinstate most of Rebecca's working conditions as they had been. If Rebecca is the least bit uninterested in Mr. Teal, he shall have Sam terminated immediately. Ultimately, Rebecca faints when being asked by Teal for marriage. She asks Sam to convince them that they are dating each other instead. Martin demotes Sam's management position, and launches an Exchange Program where he is the bartender abroad. Martin hopes that with Sam out of the way Rebecca will now be able to get married. Martin is portrayed by Alex Nevil.

The Ridgways[]

Mr. And Mrs. Ridgway hired Rebecca to throw a Birthday Party for their children. Woody is supposed to be there which requires Frasier to fill in for him instead. Lilith gave him underwear that he did not like, and Woody was still wearing the underwear belonging to the Clown costume. This is a very important component of the costume; Pulling what looks like a Handkerchief results in the pants being lowered. Since Frasier could not wear Lilith's underwear, he did not have time to finish changing. He accidently tried to offer the fake Handkerchief to Mr. Ridgway's Mother In Law. One of the Ridgways is portrayed by Patricia Morison.

Mr. Sheridan[]

Rebecca agrees to house sit for Mr. Sheriden, which includes his very large, very dangerous, pet dog. During an attempt to track this dog down, they end up with two identical dogs. Mr. Sheridan is portrayed by Michael Currie.

Mr. Gaines, Roxanne Gaines, and Kelly Gaines[]

Rebecca is required to cater for Kelly's many parties. Woody accompanies them, and falls in love with Kelly. Later, Kelly tells Woody that Mr. Gaines is not so rich; He is unable to acquire Shell Oil. Mr. Gaines is portrayed by Richard Doyle, Roxanne is portrayed by Melendy Britt, and Kelly Gaines is portrayed by Jackie Swanson.

Mr. Anawalt[]

Another worker at Lillian tries to get Norm Peterson a painting job under the recommendation of Rebecca. The result is that she did not get the promotion that she expected despite Norm not goofing. It turns out that Norm's company did not sign with Lillian at all. Norm tries to stop Rebecca from humiliating herself. Rebecca ends up having an alteration with Mr. Anawalt. He says that she can have her promotion anyways. Rebecca's new assignment for Mr. Anawalt is to hide his corruption from the Federal Bureau Of Investigation. He is portrayed by Stefan Gierasch.


Lilith orders a Brit Milah Circumcision and wants it done at Cheers where Frasier was hiding Frederick. This upsets not only Frasier but also Rebecca who is on an important assignment. Rebecca is in the middle of entertaining Larry which is impossible. Rebecca throws a Wet Tee Shirt Party which Lilith interrupted. Larry asks out one of the models which means Rebecca's job is saved despite the interruption. Rebecca's boss is portrayed by Jay Robinson.


Admiral William J. Crowe[]

Sam and Rebecca are assigned to the U.S.S. Constitution where they meet Admiral Crowe. Rebecca suspects that he stole very expensive jewelry.

Robin Colcord[]

Robin Colcord dated Rebecca in an attempt to initiate a hostile takeover at Lillian. Mutually, Rebecca was after only his Net Worth. Rebecca felt guilty about marrying Robin. Since he was already aware of their ambitions to stab each other in the back in order to climb the corporate ladder, he saw no reason why they should not marry. However, Rebecca's coworkers and friends had enough of being put in danger by Robin. They insisted that Robin is Bad News, forcing Robin to leave. In addition to hacking Lillian, he also gained entry to Cheers where he stored Six Million Dollars. Everybody changed their minds immediately when they found out that Robin is capable of anything. Expecting more surprises, they ordered a fireman to dismantle Cheers just in case Robin might still be storing assets. When they found nothing, they accused the fireman of stealing.

Robin himself had hired Sam, Carla, and Norm to look after his Yacht. He did not tell them that he suspected striking miners had planted a bomb in an attempt to assassinate him. The real reason why Robin hired Sam, Carla, and Norm is so Robin could fake his death.

Other Workers[]

Norm Peterson[]

Norm has accompanied them on their various assignments. He is also hired by several people that work at Lillian for painting.

Lilith Sternin[]

Lilith, who has been more vicious than Carla, ends up getting the executive position that Rebecca was after.

Rebecca Howe[]

Rebecca introduced Cheers to Lillian as their new Manager. Her other assignments included Waiting Tables, Bar Tending, and Catering. After numerous attempts to advance rapidly backfired, she is terminated after nearly three years at the tavern. Not long after, she gets a job in advertising, and attempts to win over John Allen Hill so that she can be a minority owner of Cheers. She also becomes a Building Superintendent, and reunites with a now impoverished Robin Colcord.

Sam Malone[]

Sam sold the tavern to Lillian and did not expect to ever return. Rebecca ended up hiring Sam, who was being considered a replacement for Rebecca at Lillian. Despite ultimately accepting a Bartender position, he accompanied Rebecca on Business Conventions as Equals. Sam attempted to open a new tavern, which was located near property that Robin owns. When Sam tried to put a stop to Robin's schemes, Lillian rewarded Sam with the option to purchase Cheers at One Dollar Or Best Offer. Sam immediately put his things back on the wall, and restored a Wall Sconce that was removed by the map. Also, Sam ended up throwing away "Rebecca's" plants, which actually were there prior to Lillian's purchase of Cheers. However, Lillian did not take their office supplies with them, much to Sam's annoyance. Additionally Sam was forced to change the tavern again at the demands of John Allen Hill.

Carla Tortelli[]

Carla was assigned to train Rebecca to be a Waitress.

Woody Boyd[]

Woody accompanied Sam and Rebecca to their numerous Catering, Conventions, and other Functions. One of these Functions is where he met Kelly Gaines. Another time he was supposed to take an assignment and never left the airport.