Lisa Pantusso

Lisa Pantusso

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Lisa Pantusso is Coach's only daughter, and the most important thing to Coach after his wife Angela passed away. She is a successful business person, working as a district manager. But she has not been lucky in love, something she attributes to her appearance.

Lisa accepted a marriage proposal from a salesman at her firm, Roy, because she wanted to be married, and Roy was the only man to show interest in her. Roy was obnoxious and treated Lisa like an afterthought (his only reason for wanting to marry her was to get a better sales territory), but she was willing to overlook these things until Coach insisted she could do better.

Lisa never thought she was attractive enough to get a husband. She felt she looked just like her mother, and her mother was not attractive. But after realizing that even her mother found a decent husband in Coach, Lisa ups her standards, and gives Roy the boot when he doesn't meet them.

Although she only appears once in the series, it is likely that she would've had an additional appearance if not for the death of Nicholas Colasanto.