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Much to Carla's dismay, Eddie has not proposed to marry her yet. Finally, they decide to get married and choose the date based on superstition. They face the added difficulties from Eddie's mother, and Carla's children. Meanwhile, Rebecca is nervously waiting for Evan, her boss, to show up at the bar.


Recurring / Guest stars:

  • Jay Thomas as Eddie LeBec
  • Timothy Williams as Anthony Tortelli
  • Amanda Ingber as Annie Tortelli
  • Janet Brandt as Mama LeBec
  • Philip Perlman as Phil (uncredited)
  • Al Rosen as Al (uncredited)

Trivia & Notes[]

Cheers was pre-empted on October 8, 1987, due to Game Two of the 1987 American League Championship Series. In the West Coast, the show's rerun was broadcast.