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Love Is a Really, Really, Perfectly Okay Thing is the premiere of the ninth season of the NBC series Cheers.


After Sam spends a night with Rebecca, both hide it.

Plot Summary[]

Rich Robin Colcord entered the Cheers (Bar) office. He saw Sam Malone's shirt button stuck in Rebecca Howe's clothing. Sam was with Rebecca one night. She tells Robin they did not sleep together. Sam re-arranged the bar and only told Father Barry about their night together.

When Sam and Rebecca separate, she told Sam it was a powerful experience. he says he had a good time, but his expectations were too high. She shows sadness, and rejoins Robin to be supportive during Robin's court trouble.


  • With Sam's restoration of ownership of Cheers in the previous episode, the pictures and other bar set decorations have been restored to their places as they were at the end of the fifth season, discarding all of the changes to the bar set made in the sixth season premiere.
  • When Kirstie Alley became pregnant over the summer between season eight and nine, the writers planned on making Rebecca pregnant. And the story line would be "Who's the father: Robin or Sam?" They filmed the first four episodes of the season (not yet introducing the pregnancy) and then Kirstie Alley miscarried. So, the story was scrapped.