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This is the fifth episode of the ninth season of Cheers.


By Cheers, a construction crew is working at the top of the stairs that lead down to the bar. This slows customers. Sam offers free beer to the workers who come down for a drink. He and Rebecca argue. Sam says that if they like him they will cooperate more but she refuses such tactics. The workers are even slower. For customers to enter, the gang talked about adding a back entrance from the alley. Norm went to the Pool Room and tried to fit thru... but got stuck between the iron bars in the back window. Rebecca did Sam's idea to give free beer.

Meanwhile, Cliff Clavin's Ma is visiting Boston, and she visits Cheers. Cliff doesn't want Ma staying in his bachelor pad due to his bachelor lifestyle, so Woody invited her to stay with him. Ma does fun activities with Woody, and even calls Woody "son", causing Cliff's jealousy [hence the title].

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