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Malcolm Kramer

Malcolm Kramer

retired entrepreneur
Appeared in
Played by
George Gaynes

Malcolm stopped in at Cheers one very cold day for a drink. He took a seat at one of the tables, and was waited on by Diane. He accepted her recommendation of hot buttered rum, and told her he'd just had one of the worst days of his life. Diane tried to pick him up with a silly joke, but when Malcolm revealed he was just given six months to live, she apologized for being factitious. Diane asked Sam to go talk to him.

Sam learned when sitting with Malcolm that he used to tend bar in college and liked it. So, as a favor, Sam took on Malcolm as a guest bartender for the evening. The Cheers gang found Malcolm entertaining, and Malcolm evidently enjoyed himself too. Malcolm particularly impressed Coach, who wanted to keep him, and Carla, who found him cute. When eleven o'clock came, Malcolm finally dashed out to catch a plane, thanking everyone, and telling them he hoped one day they would find out how much he really enjoyed himself.

Carla located an IOU in her tip glass, and Sam read it as an amendment to Malcolm's will, giving $100,000 to Cheers gang. The gang grew excited at this. When Tom looked it over, he felt it was not valid, and at this, the gang nominated Coach to chase down Malcolm to sign something more official. As the gang waited on Coach's return, the "green-eyed monster" attacked the group, and they began to argue over how to split the money.

Coach brought Malcolm back, and the gang all tried individually to butter up to him. Malcolm, seeing what was going on, grew frustrated and signed the document over to Sam to decide how to split everything. Sam ended up burning the document, rather than deal with the arguing - although he first tried to trick the bar into just thinking it was destroyed.

Although his fate is left unrevealed after this, it is presumable he died.