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Nanette Guzman (portrayed by Emma Thompson on Cheers) is the first wife of Frasier Crane. He married her when he was 20. They were both hippies and wrote poetry and music together. They divorced long before he moved to Boston, and lost touch.


She became a famous children's entertainer with the stage name Nanny G.

Frasier was unexpectedly reunited with Nanette when he brought his son to one of her concerts. Instantly recognizing him in the audience she stopped the show and kissed him, unaware that he had since remarried.

Nanette apologizes to Lilith and offers to perform for Frederick's birthday party for free. While under the pretext of singing to the children she directs a love song to Frasier. A jealous Lilith physically attacked her. Still, she left a singing doll for Frederick Crane, which included her telephone number.

Other Appearances[]

Nanny G (portrayed by Dina Spybey) makes an appearance in season 9, where Frasier in his dream sequence is confronting the women in his life (his mother Hester, his first wife Nanny G, his one-time fiancee Diane Chambers, and his second wife Lilith Sternin).

Nanny G (portrayed by Laurie Metcalf) makes an appearance in season 11 on Frasier, when she goes to Seattle on tour. She married her producer, although she claims it is simply out of convenience and feels no real passion for him. She and Frasier briefly reconnect, but ultimately go their separate ways again.


  • She is based off of Maria da Graça Meneghel, who has the stage name Xuxa.
  • In her first appearance on Cheers her stage name is spelled "Nanny Gee," however on subsequent appearances on Frasier this is shortened to "Nanny G.".