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No Rest for the Woody is the fourteenth episode of the tenth season of Cheers.


Woody takes a second job working at a cemetery at night. He is traumatized from burying an old lady, who looks suspiciously like Kelly's grandmother.


Recurring / Guest Stars

  • Celeste Holm as Grandmother Gaines
  • Jackie Swanson as Kelly Gaines
  • Richard Doyle as Walter Gaines
  • Sy Richardson as Gordon
  • Paul Willson as Paul Krapence


  • The title of this episode is a play on the phrase "no rest for the wicked."
  • Celeste Holm guest stars in this episode as Kelly's grandmother. Holm had a cameo in Three Men and a Baby with Ted Danson where she played his mother.
  • The large furnace vent in the wood panelling was added to the bar set for this episode. It was left in for the remainder of the series.
  • Although it is implied that the Cheers furnace system is old, the large vent Rebecca crawls through is not there in previous episodes.