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Paul Krapence


Former Fitness Instructor, toll booth collector
55 (seasons 1-11)
First Appearance
Final Appearance
One For The Road (Cheers) / Cheerful Goodbyes (Frasier)
Played By
Paul Willson

Not to be confused with the barfly Paul from the early seasons.

Seen throughout the series run, Although being left out of activities by the other Cheers barflies, specifically Norm and Cliff Clavin, he does consider them his friends, and hopes to be included in their activities. He was often treated as if he didn't matter, had no friends, and was generally used and mistreated by the rest of the series characters, something that upset him deeply. He did, however, have a certain amount of success with women, and was seen on dates in a few episodes. In episode"It's Lonely on the Top" (five episodes later) he has a passionate one night stand with Carla.

The character was first called Paul in season four. In his first appearance, in season 1, Coach calls Paul's character "Glenn" (confusingly, the credits identify the character as "Gregg"), and in another early appearance, he is credited as "Tom", although this name is not spoken aloud in the episode. Towards the end of the series' run, a reference by Paul that he's been drinking at Cheers for 10 years makes it plausible that Coach had mistaken his name in his first appearance 10 years prior, and that "Glenn" and Paul are meant to be one and the same person.

In the season 10 episode The Norm Who Came To Dinner, Norm explains that Paul (years earlier) had been an athlete and fitness instructor hired to help Norm lose weight; however, he ended up conforming to the bar atmosphere and becoming the smoking bar patron we see throughout the show's run. It was later revealed that Paul works as a toll booth operator.

Paul is mentioned in the spin-off Frasier, season 2 episode The Show Where Sam Shows Up. It is revealed that he had slept with Sam's then-fiancé, which did not bother Sam as much as learning that Cliff had also slept with her. This caused Sam to call off the engagement. He later features in the episode Cheerful Goodbyes with several other Cheers regulars.


S1E20-Someone Single, Someone Blue (as Gregg)

S2E2-Little Sister Don't Cha (as Tom)

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S4E24-Strange Bedfellows, Part 1

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S11E2-The Beer Is Always Greener

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