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Phil's Uncredited Appearances[]

S4E19-Dark Imaginings

S5E4-Abnormal Psychology

S5E6-Tan 'n' Wash

S5E7-Young Dr. Weinstein

S5E8-Knights of the Scimitar

S5E10-Everyone Imitates Art

S5E11-The Book of Samuel

S5E12-Dance, Diane, Dance

S5E14-Diamond Sam


S5E16-Never Love a Goalie, Part 1

S5E17-Never Love a Goalie, Part 2

S5E18-One Last Fling

S5E19-Dog Bites Cliff

S5E20-Dinner at Eight-ish

S5E21-Simon Says

S5E22-The Godfather, Part III

S5E23-Norm's First Hurrah

S5E24-Cheers: The Motion Picture

S5E25-A House Is Not a Home

S5E26-I Do, Adieu

S6E1-Home Is the Sailor

S6E2-"I" on Sports

S6E3-Little Carla, Happy at Last, Part 1

S6E4-Little Carla, Happy at Last, Part 2

S6E5-The Crane Mutiny

S6E6-Paint Your Office

S6E7-The Last Angry Mailman

S6E9-Pudd'n head Boyd

S6E10-A Kiss Is Still a Kiss

S6E11-My Fair Clavin

S6E12-Christmas Cheers

S6E13-Woody for Hire meets Norman of the Apes

S6E14-And God Created Woodman

S6E15-Tale of Two Cuties

S6E16-Yacht of Fools

S6E17-To All the Girls I've Loved Before

S6E18-Let Sleeping Drakes Lie

S6E19-Airport V

S6E20-The Sam in the Gray Flannel Suit

S6E21-Our Hourly Bread

S6E22-Slumber Party Massacred

S6E23-Bar Wars

S6E24-The Big Kiss-Off

S6E25-Backseat Becky, Up Front

S7E1-How to Recede in Business

S7E2-Swear to God

S7E3-Executive Sweet

S7E4-One Happy Chappy in a Snappy Serape

S7E5-Those Lips, Those Ice

S7E6-Norm, Is That You?

S7E7-How to Win Friends and Electrocute People

S7E8-Jumping Jerks

S7E9-Send In the Crane

S7E10-Bar Wars II: The Woodman Strikes Back

S7E11-Adventures in Housesitting

S7E12-Please Mr. Postman

S7E13-Golden Boyd

S7E14-I Kid You Not

S7E15-Don't Paint Your Chickens

S7E16-The Cranemakers

S7E17-Hot Rocks

S7E18-What's Up, Doc?

S7E19-The Gift of the Woodi

S7E20-Call Me Irresponsible

S7E21-Sisterly Love

S8E1-The Improbable Dream, Part 1

S8E2-The Improbable Dream, Part 2

S8E3-A Bar Is Born

S8E4-How to Marry a Mailman

S8E5-The Two Faces of Norm

S8E6-The Stork Brings a Crane

S8E7-Death Takes a Holiday on Ice

S8E8-For Real Men Only

S8E9-Two Girls for Every Boyd

S8E10-The Art of the Steal

S8E11-Feeble Attraction

S8E12-Sam Ahoy

S8E14-What Is… Cliff Clavin?

S8E15-Finally!, Part 1

S8E16-Finally!, Part 2

S8E17-Woody or Won't He

S8E18-Severe Crane Damage

S8E19-Indoor Fun with Sammy and Robby

S8E20-Fifty-Fifty Carla

S8E21-Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh


S8E23-The Ghost and Mrs. Lebec

S8E24-Mr. Otis Regrets

S8E25-Cry Hard

S8E26-Cry Harder

S9E1-Love Is a Really, Really, Perfectly Okay Thing

S9E2-Cheers Fouls Out

S9E3-Rebecca Redux

S9E4-Where Nobody Knows Your Name

S9E5-Ma Always Liked You Better


S9E11-Norm and Cliff's Excellent Adventure

S9E12-Woody Interruptus

S9E13-Honor Thy Mother

S9E14-Achilles Hill

S9E15-The Days of Wine and Neuroses

S9E16-Wedding Bell Blues

S9E17-I'm Getting My Act Together and Sticking it in Your Face

S9E18-Sam Time Next Year

S9E20-It's a Wonderful Wife

S9E21-Cheers Has Chili

S9E22-Carla Loves Clavin

S9E23-Pitch It Again, Sam

S9E24-Rat Girl

S9E26-Uncle Sam Wants You

S10E1-Baby Balk

S10E2-Get Your Kicks on Route 666

S10E3-Madame LaCarla

S10E5-Ma's Little Maggie

S10E10-A Fine French Whine

S10E12-Go Make

S10E14-No Rest for the Woody

S10E16-One Hugs, the Other Doesn't

S10E19-Rich Man, Wood Man

S10E20-Smotherly Love

S10E23-Bar Wars VI: This Time It's for Real


S10E25-An Old-Fashioned Wedding

S11E3-The King of Beers

S11E5-Do Not Forsake Me O' My Postman

S11E7-The Girl in the Plastic Bubble

S11E8-Ill-Gotten Gaines

S11E10-Daddy's Little Middle-Aged Girl

S11E11-Love Me, Love My Car

S11E12-Sunday Dinner

S11E13-Norm's Big Audit

S11E14-It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Bar

S11E15-Loathe and Marriage

S11E16-Is There a Doctor in the Howe?

S11E19-Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey

S11E21-Woody Gets an Election

S11E23-Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses

S11E24-The Guy Can't Help It

S11E25-One For The Road