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Rat Girl is the twenty-fourth episode of the ninth season of Cheers.


Sam strikes out with a girl who apparently prefers Paul to him, Rebecca goes on a healthy eating kick and Lilith has an unhealthy obsession with her dead lab rat, "Whitey".


  • Bebe Neuwirth won the Emmy for Supporting Actress In A Comedy for this episode. Her first time nominated, she was up against co-star Rhea Perlman. The following year, they were both up for the same award with Bebe repeating the success of the year before.
  • While teasing Rebecca, Woody claims that he loves Sno Balls, the Hostess snack by the same company that made Twinkies. Ironically, Woody Harrelson would go on to play a character in Zombieland (2009) who hates Sno Balls.
  • Whitey the rat is named after Whitey Whitney from Leave It to Beaver.