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Rebecca Redux is the third episode of the ninth season of Cheers.


Sam hires a new manager who everyone takes a liking to, while Rebecca works at a dangerous job.


Sam Malone has troubles with the computer and fax. He invited Rebecca Howe to manage the bar, but she has a job. Sam hires management, named Earl, who everyone likes. Sam and Woody Boyd see Rebecca at the car show. She does dangerous jobs: wiping acid and boiling tar off from cars. Too late, she wants her job at the bar back, but Earl cooperates.


  • One day after this episode aired Norm and Cliff made guest appearances on the NBC series Wings, arriving in Nantucket for a fishing trip.
  • Earl jokingly asks Norm if he is from Chicago. George Wendt is a Chicago native.
  • At the car show there is an ad for an 1991 Candiru 4x4. "Candiru", or Vampire Fish, is a species of parasitic Catfish native to the Amazon Basin which have been known to swim up the urine stream and into the urethra of unsuspecting people going for a swim.