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After ten days of sobriety and counseling with Frasier, Sam regains his stability. Diane informs Sam that she and Frasier are dating, smashing his hopes of reunited. Diane refuses to be a waitress at Cheers again (much to Sam and Frasier's relief). Coach tells Diane that her refusal would cause Sam to relapse; he tells Sam it would make Diane go crazy again, and tells Frasier that it would make Sam and Diane yearn for each other. Diane reluctantly accepts Sam's offer, and they promise to resist each other.


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Coach closes up the bar as Cliff and Norm discuss going out to eat. Norm starts by saying that he has a wife to go home to but Cliff says hey could go and pick her up. Norm doesn't want to because he's a bit embarrassed by both Vera and Cliff.