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Rescue Me is the twenty-fifth episode and finale of the third season of the NBC series Cheers.


Frasier proposes to Diane, which forces her to decide if her relationship with Sam is really over.


  • [Shelley Long] as [Diane Chambers]
  • [Ted Danson] as [Sam Malone]
  • [Nicholas Colasanto] as ["Coach" Ernie Pantusso] 
  • [Rhea Perlman] as [Carla Tortelli]
  • [John Ratzenberger] as [Cliff Clavin]
  • [George Wendt] as [Norm Peterson]

Recurring / Guest stars:


  • This was filmed after the death of Nicholas Colasanto, as such Coach does not appear. He does, however, appear in the episode's cold open meeting a former baseball player he knew, marking the character's final appearance.
  • After Diane hangs up on Sam's answering machine there is a poster in the background for 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Italian poster 'Predatori dell'Arca Perduta.' Furthermore, an Italian poster for 'The Empire Strikes Back' can also be seen behind Fraiser. 
  • The title comes from the song "Rescue Me" written by Raynard Miner and Carl Smith.
  • After a phone call from Diane, Sam says she is marrying Frasier "tomorrow afternoon." Diane did say she was getting married tomorrow, but she didn't say what time of day the service would be.