Robin Colcord is a multi-millionaire who later becomes Rebecca Howe's boyfriend. However, Howe dumps him after he loses his fortune.

Character[edit | edit source]

Robin embezzled from The Lillian Corporation and was sent to prison, where he and Rebecca would write to each other. Lillian lost interest in Cheers, sold it to Sam for pennies on the dollar, and ended up firing Rebecca.

Rebecca was only interested in advancing her career, wealth, and social status by dating Robin. Everybody convinced Rebecca to forget about Robin even if he wanted to reconcile, but nobody knew that Robin was secretly hiding money in her office. Eventually Robin had absolutely no money and become a fugitive. Nobody believed him, especially Rebecca. There was a search for further stashes of money to no avail and Rebecca tried to flee with him. She gathered her belongings and waited by the side of the road as he tried to hitchhike.

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