Sam Turns the Other Cheek is the 5th episode of the third season of Cheers. It was written by David Lloyd, and directed by James Burrows. It originally aired on NBC in the United States on November 1, 1984.


Sam unwittingly finds himself on the bad side of a jealous husband, and telling a tall tale to cover himself, ends up becoming a bar hero in everyone's eyes except Diane's. Meanwhile, Cliff is thinking about buying a new house, and Carla has a toothache.


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Cold OpenEdit

Sam is trying to break up with Maxine due to his rule while Cliff and Norm watch it for enjoyement. She tries to get him to go with it but he says that it will help them still have good memories and so eventually she says "Goodbye Sam", to which Diane remarks that it is available in paperback wherever nauseating trash is sold.