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The eleventh and final season of Cheers was broadcast on the Decades television network from September 24, 1992 until May 20, 1993.


Woody and Kelly are now married, causing Rebecca to reevaluate her life and start fresh. She vows to quit smoking but ends up accidentally setting the bar on fire when she harmlessly throws one of them away in the trash. Initially, Sam believes the fire to be a prank by Gary until a tearful Rebecca reveals the truth. Furious, Sam demands Rebecca to leave and not come back but he ultimately forgives her when she returns with a check for Sam with her life savings and he reinstates her.

Elsewhere, Frasier’s marriage to Lilith Sternin continues to slip away when she announces that she had an affair with another man (Louis Pascal) and her intention to live with him in an eco-pod for a year. This drives Frasier to suicide but is eventually talked down by Lilith. Despite this, Frasier is still distraught and nearly sleeps with Rebecca until Lilith returns unannounced. Upon her return, Lilith reveals that the experiment was a disaster and that Pascal turned out to be claustrophobic (among other problems). Reluctant at first, Frasier decides to take Lilith back after her pathetic sobbing wins him over, implying at a possible reconciliation. However, a reconciliation ultimately does not come to pass as Lilith and Frasier divorce after the series.

Near the end of the series, Sam finally gets one over on Gary bringing the rivalry with his bar to a close, Woody is elected to the Boston City Council (thanks to a botched experiment by Frasier) at the same time Kelly reveals that she is pregnant, and Rebecca meets Don Santry (a plumber).

In the finale, Sam reunites with Diane for the first time in six years. They briefly restart their romance but ultimately decide against it when the others disapprove and amicably part ways. In other events, Rebecca marries Don, Cliff gets promoted to assistant supervisor at the post office and Woody gets Norm a job for the city of Boston. Upon Sam’s return to the bar after leaving Diane, the gang celebrate by having Cuban cigars around closing time. Rebecca stops by one last time and bids farewell to the others, leaving for her honeymoon with Don immediately. After she leaves, the rest of the group sit around contemplating the meaning of life and each come up with their own opinions. Soon, the lateness of the night hits them as Woody, Frasier, Carla, and Cliff leave. Norm ends up staying behind and tells Sam that he could never abandon his “one true love,” before leaving himself. After Norm leaves, a man shows up and knocks on the door, to which Sam tells him “Sorry, we’re closed.” Sam then takes a moment to straighten out a picture of Geronimo on the wall before exiting toward the back room of the bar.


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