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Simon Finch-Royce

Dr. Simon Finch-Royce is a character who appeared in the Season 5 episode Simon Says.

He was portrayed by John Cleese.

He was an old friend of Frasier Crane who had previously gone to him for some marriage counselling involving Lilith.

He was asked to come to Cheers to counsel Sam and Diane on whether they should marry.

After asking them some questions, he answers bluntly that they are not compatible which drives Diane along with a reluctant Sam to keep visiting him and tell him to reconsider his decision (Frasier suggested this as he wanted to get back at Simon for overcharging him for his sessions).

They visit him several times at his hotel room, ruining his peace and quiet, interrupting his meal, his bath and finally waking him when he goes to bed.

Simon Finch-Royce 2

Simon finally losing his temper

Finally having had enough of them, Simon reaches the end of his tether and snaps. He loudly proclaims that he was wrong and says that Sam and Diane are compatible even shouting into a tape recorder that if he is wrong he promises that he would take his own life in the most disgusting manner possible. He even hands the tape recorder with the message on it to them as a wedding gift so they would finally leave him alone. A pleased Diane turns to Sam and says "See!" while Simon looks on in despair.