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Councilwoman Eldridge presses Sam for a marriage proposal, but Sam remains noncommittal. Sam and Diane create a scene at a press conference, and the councilwoman ends things with Sam. The incident has Sam thinking about his life, that he should start considering settling down, prompting him to pick up the phone and propose. We're left wondering, to whom?


Recurring / Guest stars:

  • Kate Mulgrew as Janet Eldridge
  • David Paymer as Phil Schumacher
  • Steve Giannelli as Steve
  • Alan Koss as Alan
  • J.J. Wall as Reporter #1
  • Lawrence Lott as Reporter #2
  • Shelia Scott-Wilkenson as Reporter #3
  • Richard Neil as Newscaster (voice) (uncredited)


  • There is no Hurley's Market in Boston.