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"The Customer's Always Right" is the eleventh episode of The Tortellis. Arnie Wexler (Peter Iacangelo) brings back a television Nick had previously fixed. He claims that in the process of repairing the picture tube, Nick had ruined the sound. Nick believes Wexler probably damaged it himself, but to follow this "customer is always right" policy in front of Anthony he agrees to repair the sound for free. Wexler reminded him that he'd already gave him a check for $92.50. After Wexler leaves, he tells Anthony about how he controlled his anger in front of a customer, then vents his anger by lifting the front end of the car in the garage. His back is sore, but it helps.

The television is repaired by the time Wexler returns. Wexler then tells them that he wants the old parts back. Nick had already threw them in the trash not realizing they'd be needed again. He retrieves them from the trash and wipes them off while Wexler reminds him that his restaurant has a "customer is always right" policy. When Anthony politely tells Wexler to come back again, Nick hits him with the sports section of the newspaper.

Later, they learn that Wexler's check was rejected for insufficient funds. The bank the check was drawn from is now a Dairy Queen.

Nick decides to get revenge. He obtains some cockroaches, stored in a small box, and plans to have Loretta and Charlotte release them in Wexler's restaurant. Charlotte convinced Nick to settle it in court. Then Mark comes in to apologize to Nick. "I opened your box of cookies and the raisins ran away."

Nick is surprise that the small claims arbiter is female, but adjusts to it. Nick tries to fake his way through studying up on the law prior to the hearing. The arbiter stops him and gets the facts out of him. He simply tells her that Wexler's check for $92.50 had bounced. Wexler has nothing to add. He leaves to use the rest room. Nick, believing Wexler is trying to pull a fast one, attempts to bribe the arbiter with money and stakes. After Wexler returns, the arbiter makes her decision. Wexler is guilty of failure of payment, he must pay the $92.50. For his bribery attempt, Nick is charged with contempt and fined $100. The arbiter mentioned to Nick that she's a vegetarian. Nick admits that he'd was wrong to bribe the arbiter and asks Anthony to hit him with the sports section. He does, then Nick hits Anthony back because Anthony enjoyed it.