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The Mail Goes to Jail is the 17th episode of the third season of Cheers. It originally aired on the NBC network in the United States on February 7, 1985. This episode was written by David Lloyd and directed by James Burrows.


Norm gets hung out to dry in jail when trying to do a favor for Cliff. Now Cliff has to choose between his friendship and his job. Meanwhile, the bar's heating system isn't working, and Diane gets in trouble trying to figure out why.


Recurring / Guest stars:


  • Nicholas Colasanto died of a heart attack five days after this episode aired. He would still appear in two more episodes, shot shortly before his death.
  • Mail theft is a federal crime in the United States with a maximum sentence of five years in prison.
  • Sam and Diane are imitating Señor Wences when Sam says, "S-All Right?" while he closes the grate door.
  • During filming John Ratzenberger was actually sick in real life.