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The Stork Brings a Crane is the sixth episode of season eight on the NBC series Cheers.


Lilith goes into labor as Cheers celebrates its centennial anniversary. Guest appearance by Mayor Raymond Flynn.


  • Lilith gives birth to her and Frasier's son, Frederick. The birth occurred off-screen in a taxi. Cheers creators James Burrows and Glen and Les Charles previously did a similar plot when the were involved with Taxi in the 1978 Taxi episode "Memories of Cab 804, Part 2." However, this birth of a baby son occurred on-screen and involved a mother and father who were unmarried.
  • Raymond Flynn was the Mayor of Boston from 1984-1993
  • The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy Series or a Special in addition to helping Bebe Neuwirth win her first (of back to back) Emmy's for Best Supporting Actress in a comedy.