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Two Girls for Every Boyd is the ninth episode of the eighth season of Cheers.


Woody has trouble with the love scenes (with Lisa Kudrow) for his first starring role and the guys have a beard-growing competition.


  • In this episode, Frasier tells Cliff and the other patrons that his father was neglectful and a busy scientist before he died. This later turns out to be a lie, as revealed in the Frasier episode The Show Where Sam Shows Up. Furthermore, Frasier tells them that Martin was a scientist because he is ashamed of him being a policeman. Also, he says that his father is dead because they never got along when he was growing up and had an argument, which is why he lives in Boston in the first place, and not in his hometown of Seattle (where he ends up in Frasier).
  • First sitcom credit of Lisa Kudrow. She would later go on to stardom on another NBC sitcom, Friends from 1994-2004. She also played Roz in the unaired pilot of Frasier (1993) before before being replaced by Perri Gilpin, who incidentally also guest starred on the final season of Cheers, mere months before she’d join the cast of Frasier.
  • The episode title is a play on the recurring line "Two girls for every boy" from the Jan and Dean song Surf City.
  • “Emily,” Woody’s love interest in their theatre’s play, was performed by 25 year old Lisa Kudrow, five years before the first episode of Friends.
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