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Uncle Sam Wants You is the finale and twenty-sixth episode of the ninth season of Cheers.


Sam becomes obsessed with Frederick and starts to wonder if it is time he became a father.


  • The title comes from the World War I and World War II recruitment posters showing the picture of Uncle Sam telling people that he wants "YOU for the United States' Army.
  • In Sam's dream, Elvis references his daughter Lisa Marie as "the best thing that even happened to me" before telling Sam he should ask Rebecca Howe to be the mother of his child. In real life, Rebecca actress Kristie Alley would eventually become acquainted with Lisa Marie Presley, even buying a mansion which the Elvis daughter previously owned in Clearwater, Florida in the year 2000.
  • This episode would be the last to credit Bebe Neuwirth (Lilith Crane) as a guest star. For the tenth season, she would be upgraded to a starring role. Cheers finished its ninth season as the Number One show on television in 1990-91. The show would also take home another armful of Emmys, including its fourth for Best Comedy Series.