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Wedding Bell Blues is the sixteenth episode of the ninth season of the NBC series Cheers.


On the morning of her wedding, Rebecca seems to have forgotten her doubts and decides to go ahead with the wedding. After she finally realizes that she only loved Robin for his money he leaves, with $6 million that he had hidden in a money belt that was attached to the underside of Rebecca's desk drawer.


  • The title is from the song "Wedding Bell Blues" written by Laura Nyro that became a number one hit for The Fifth Dimension in 1969.
  • Rebecca plans on having her wedding at the old city hall in Boston. Although it is no longer used as a city hall, people do still use it as a wedding venue to this day.
  • In this episode, Frasier criticizes Lilith for her singing. Ironically, Bebe Neuwirth later went on to play Velma Kelly in the Broadway musical Chicago.
  • Bobby Hatfield sings "Unchained Melody" at Rebecca's wedding
  • The vow recited at the wedding by Robin ("Shall I compare thee to a summer's day ...") is sonnet # 18 by William Shakespeare. Actor Roger Rees got his start in acting with the Royal Shakespeare Company.