Woodrow Huckleberry Tiberius "Woody" Boyd was a bartender at Cheers from seasons four through eleven (1985-1993), portrayed by Woody Harrelson. Before coming to Cheers, Woody was a country boy from Hanover, Indiana. Boyd debuts in the episode Birth, Death, Love and Rice as the late Coach's pen pal, and is later given the role as a Cheers bartender; replacing Coach's role as the "simple-minded" barkeep. He was quickly accepted by the barflies and staff alike. Late in the series, Boyd marries the wealthy but equally naive Kelly Gaines and (due to a failed experiment by Frasier) becomes a City Councilman.

Boyd's final appearance is in the Season 6 episode of Frasier, "The Show Where Woody Shows Up", where it is revealed that he and Kelly have since had a boy of normal intelligence. He and Fraiser, while still very fond of each other and initially elated at catching up, find they have nothing in common except for their time at Cheers. Neither Frasier nor Boyd see the other's lives as fulfilling but are nevertheless glad the other is happy. The two part on good terms . His final line as a character is "Cheers" and he is never seen from again.

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