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Woody Gets an Election is the twenty-first episode of season eleven on the NBC series Cheers.


When City Councilman Kevin Fogarty comes to Cheers on his re-election campaign spouting a whole lot of political nothings that nonetheless woos the crowd, Frasier takes on a bet against Sam that Woody would get at least 10 percent of the vote if put up for the role of City Counselor.


  • The reporter Holly Matherson is played by Peri Gilpin. She would later be cast in the Cheers spin-off Frasier as Roz Doyle. Coincidentally, another future Frasier co-star, John Mahoney, also made an appearance in an earlier episode as a jingle writer.
  • Crowd and background images of Woody's Inauguration in Frasier's dream was taken from NBC News footage of Bill Clinton's 1993 Inauguration.
  • Kelly is revealed to be pregnant.